Holiday feeling!

I LOVE this time of year and all the holidays coming up! However, I’ve had a few busy weeks creating lovely stuff for my little boutique Jolly’s Designs. I’m having such an awesome time creating, I tend to forget about other things… Like my blog… Ya, that’s me… But you can see all the cool stuff I’ve made if you visit my lil’ shop.

Oh yeah, I also landed a job at Macy’s, YAY for me!!! It’s just over the holidays to start, and then we’ll see what happens. But I’m soooo excited and going in for my orientation and paperwork tomorrow morning, so I’m now officially a Macy’s Woman!  **Big smile**

Here’s a few pics of what I’ve been busy making…

Online store 2013

Lovely, lovely, lovely and super soft blanket, wish I had made it bigger so that I could have kept it all to myself…

 Online store 2013

Super cute scarves!

 French baby hat

Ohh, I love, love, love these french inspired baby hats, how cute are they?

 Monster Alice

This little monster is named after my daughter Alice, and is just as huggable as her!

 Baby beanie

Newborn beanies, so soft and pretty!

 Lanyard 2

Chic lanyards for your ID badge or keyes, they were so much fun to make!

Are you following me on Pinterest? Oh, you know what else is really cute? My daughter Alice also joined Pinterest today, and you can start following her too right here!

Have a lovely weekend!


Is it October already?

Ohh my, I didn’t realize it was October already until I was filling out some paperwork that required todays date… Time flies my friends, don’t blink.

Fall is actually my favorite season, well, here in southern California we don’t really have any seasons, but when I lived in Sweden we had the clear crispy air and all the beautiful fall colors that I love so much. Today, I tried to capture some of those colors in my studio… So, here you go!

Oct 1st 2013 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

IMG_9863 - Version 2 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

Oct 1st 2014 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

IMG_9875 - Version 2 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

Oct 1st 2019 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

Oct 1st 2015 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

Oct 1st 2017 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

Umm, I love black and white/ sepia colors as well… So, here’s a couple of them… Enjoy!

Oct 1st 2018 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

Oct 1st 2016 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

Enjoy your tuesday evening!
XOXO, Lena