Is it October already?

Ohh my, I didn’t realize it was October already until I was filling out some paperwork that required todays date… Time flies my friends, don’t blink.

Fall is actually my favorite season, well, here in southern California we don’t really have any seasons, but when I lived in Sweden we had the clear crispy air and all the beautiful fall colors that I love so much. Today, I tried to capture some of those colors in my studio… So, here you go!

Oct 1st 2013 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

IMG_9863 - Version 2 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

Oct 1st 2014 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

IMG_9875 - Version 2 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

Oct 1st 2019 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

Oct 1st 2015 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

Oct 1st 2017 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

Umm, I love black and white/ sepia colors as well… So, here’s a couple of them… Enjoy!

Oct 1st 2018 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

Oct 1st 2016 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

Enjoy your tuesday evening!
XOXO, Lena

Breakfast in bed

Not quite breakfast in bed, but a light lunch by the counter in our kitchen.
As a european, I’m all in for open sandwiches, and as a swede, I will never give up our Wasa crisp bread! If you’ve never tried it, you should… Right now. Just put your favorite toppings on it and it’s a perfect meal! Cream cheese and salmon, ham and cheese, cottage cheese and bell peppers, sliced boiled potatoes and mackerel or sliced hard boiled eggs with shrimp and mayo, just use your imagination… It’s a healthy snack and I promise that it’s delicious!

Coffee 2013 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

Favorite things in LA 2013 - © Lena Jolly Photography 2013

Enjoy your saturday!

To enjoy a friday night

I hope everyone will enjoy their weekend, I sure am going to try!
It’s been a rough week and I’m trying to shake all the negativity off of me, lets see how that works…

Once my husband gets home, we will pick up some mexican food and enjoy our friday night at home with some wine and maybe a movie. Sounds pretty good to me.

Wine tasting black & white

I’m excited to try this Tempranillo from Rioja as I bought it a while back, and I think it will pair excellent with my cheesy chicken enchiladas… Have a great friday night out there!


Grocery Adventure!


Even though I’ve had my own business when I lived in Sweden, and in my little boutique I tried to be as eco-friendly as possible. It wasn’t easy, but hey at least I tried. A business that takes it a step further than I did, is Whole Foods Market, I just can’t help myself, but I LOVE shopping there!

It’s an adventure to just look at their deli department, meat counter and wine corner. My imagination starts running wild when I see stuff like spicy cilantro marinated chicken kebabs, it’s almost like every recipe I’ve ever seen with chicken is passing before my eyes… What can I make of this? They would be awesome with a citrus flavored salad and a chilled Gewurztraminer in the glass… Yuummmm!

I was browsing through their wine corner and saw a Pinot Noir called Bitch Tounge, what an awesome name! Can you imagine giving it to your mother in law as a gift? Lol. I have actually tried it before, (noooo not giving it to my mother in law) just because of the name, yeah I know I know I’m weird, I mean, it’s a 40 dollar wine… But anyway, it was awesome and I drank it at a Christmas buffet, so it went well with salmon, swedish meatballs, pork and a wonderful gravy that had some raspberry jelly in it. The wine was worth every penny.

Anyway, I’m the kind of person who can spend hours in a grocery store, in Sweden they know me by my first name when I walk into our ICA store… I thought we had a good neighborhood store where I used to live in Nynäshamn, but compared to a Whole Foods Market store, they still have ways to go. Don’t get me wrong, my old store back home is awesome, but in comparison, they can never live up to WFM’s level in quality of their products. That’s just the way it is.

Anyway… I got my flowers, some chocolate and a plan for tonights dinner… I’m happy!
So, Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!