Feeling blessed

©Lena Jolly Photography 2015

©Lena Jolly Photography 2015

This picture of my son, Axel, takes me back to a warm breezy September morning back in 2011. We were enjoying our morning by taking a long walk along the coastline in Nynäshamn, Sweden. While we were walking we saw the sun burn through the fog and warm up the cliffs where we sat an talked for a long time. My daughter and her best friend were there with us too, but they were busy exploring the shore and picking rocks and talking about important first grade stuff. What a precious memory that I will forever cherish in my heart.

And it dawns on me how truly blessed I am, that I have tons of lovely memories like these with both my kiddos. And I’m so grateful that I have always put these kind of outings first, before my work, a clean house or piles of laundry. Because you know what? Eventually, I will get to do those things too… I have been blessed to run my own business so that I can set my own schedule that works for me and my kids and our lifestyle. I wish more women would take the leap and fulfill their dreams. It’s sooo worth it! All you need to do is follow your dreams and gut feeling. Do what makes you happy. For me, it’s moments like this September morning by the sea shore, walking, sitting and talking, feeling the warm sun in our faces and picking rocks… That’s quality time for me.

Our time on this earth is short, so just decide what makes you happy and go out and do it!