To be inspired

Be happy!

I just started reading Marianne Williamson’s “A return to Love” and I simply can’t put it down. I love it! I’ve been reading several books by her, and they have all been as good as this one. I can highly recommend all of her books!

Marianne’s books have really touched my heart, I have come across these books during a difficult time in my life, and I am forever grateful for that. The same thing with Dr Wayne Dyer’s books, they are amazing! When you feel like you’re about to hit rock bottom, like you’re not worth anything, or that it doesn’t matter what you do because it doesn’t make a difference in the world, or to anybody for that matter… That’s when you need to read these books! They will change your life, slowly but surely you will realize that all you need to do is to change your thoughts and to have faith in yourself.

I am truly happy and grateful that I came across these books when I did, I think it’s God’s way of showing me a new direction in life. That’s how it happens, you ask God to show you the way, and in unexpected ways, he will show you the way. It may be through a book that falls into your lap, the lyrics in a song, you attend a seminar or maybe you hear someone talking in the line at the grocery store, saying just the right words that will make you go; “Yes, yes of course, that’s exactly what I needed to hear to get me back on the right path.”

At least that’s how these books have worked for me… I have had people come into my life to help me guide me through my difficulties, people who have told me about these books… I’m hoping to be that same kind of inspiration for you, to make your day brighter and your life a little lighter.

Happy monday!


Feeling Grateful

©Lena Jolly Photography 2015

©Lena Jolly Photography 2015

God must have known that this is what I needed right now to be able to find my way back to myself… Being with my family, feeling the love from my children, seeing beautiful swedish sunsets like this one from my living room window! I feel so grateful for this experience, there’s so much love around me that could last me for an eternity it seems.

When life gets too stressful, as it sometimes can get, especially if you like me, live in a large city like Los Angeles, breaks like these are heavenly. Like a spiritual retreat. You have no choice but to wind down and get back to nature, eat food that’s good for you and just love. Love surrounds everything. I am love.

After all, Love is the meaning of life.

Have blessed and beautiful weekend!